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Geisinger Leads Pack with ProvenCare

Posted by ClearDirections on August 2nd, 2011 in Accountable Care Organization, Hospital Management | No Comments

Increased quality leads to decreased costs? For most physicians and healthcare providers this statement is quite the conundrum. Yet, Geisinger Health has emerged at the forefront of the healthcare industry by embracing this idea and implementing initiatives leading to better quality care for patients at decreased costs.

The focus of Geisinger Health’s reimbursement has shifted from compensating physicians based on units of work to rewarding them based on clinical outcomes. To do this, Geisinger dedicated time to research and develop evidence-based practices for an identified set of procedures with individual steps to be followed, which they have termed ProvenCare. These “best practice steps” were then integrated into their EHR system. This process of “hardwiring” the procedural steps into the EHR system has a large impact on standardization by ensuring that physicians document and follow each step.

Taking further responsibility for clinical outcomes, Geisinger Health holds themselves accountable for costs incurred due to complications as well as for treatment associated with the complications. This “warranty plan” increases the quality of care delivered to patients by placing emphasis on following procedural steps to reduce the likelihood of complications. Although, this “warranty plan” is related to acute episodic care, when it comes to chronic disease, Geisinger Health focuses on best practices aimed at “limit[ing] disease progression.”

These are just a few of the initiatives Geisinger Health has implemented on their path to creating better quality care for their patients and improving overall healthcare. Healthcare providers interested in learning more about Geisinger Health, click here to listen to a variety of topics in the radio series presented by Geisinger Health’s CEO, Glenn Steele.