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Could this be the IT ACOs need?

Posted by ClearDirections on June 22nd, 2011 in Accountable Care Organization, Hospital Management, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act | No Comments

Microsoft has been refining its health IT offering, the Amalga system, which proposes to integrate information from many different health IT systems into one platform, which allegedly will ease the pain of shifting to an ACO.. Several components of this system have been in development for several years and are reported to answer most of today’s healthcare information needs:
• Microsoft Quality Measures Manager
• Microsoft Health Vault
• Medical Imaging Module
• Readmissions Manager

Once the information is integrated within Microsoft’s Amalga system, it can be viewed and utilized in many different ways depending upon who is using the information. This will reduce redundancy currently occurring in the healthcare industry by allowing all medical professionals within a particular ACO to access patient information and medical histories.

Several different applications comprise the Amalga health IT data integration platform. Microsoft Quality Measures Manager simplifies the quality data aggregation and measurement process. Another is the Microsoft HealthVault, which is a web interface patients use to store their health data and selectively share their medical history with healthcare providers. The medical imaging module for Microsoft Amalga organizes medical images and allows them to be viewed by other healthcare providers in an ACO. Another tool is the Readmissions Manager, which tracks details about readmissions of patients to aid in understanding the causes of patient readmissions.

This brief overview of Microsoft Amalga gives us a sense that the über IT solution for ACO may be here or is yet to come. In either case, it appears that this software platform may speed healthcare leaders’ move toward ACO readiness. Check it out at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsofthealth/products/microsoft-amalga.aspx.

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