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Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

Clear Directions was born out of the desire to create better healthcare businesses. Healthcare leaders know all too well that, as Peter Drucker said, “Hospitals are perhaps the most complicated business enterprise ever created by mankind.” As former hospital executives, we have seen first-hand the issues CEOs, board members and other executive leadership face in trying to steer their healthcare ships through the choppy seas of government reimbursement, physician competition and highly complex organizational communication issues. Clear Directions is a team of highly skilled business professionals with experience in healthcare that offers their skills to large medical groups, healthcare systems and providers of products and services that support those markets. Our professionals will stand by existing leadership to guide them through choppy waters and help them chart their course toward a future where they lead versus being led by market forces. Denise Stillman’s experience as a pharmaceutical marketing consultant and as a hospital leader inspired her to find a better way to lead healthcare businesses and change the ways physicians and hospital leaders interact and work together. The expectations of the healthcare experience also need to be re-aligned with the economic realities of healthcare. Gone are the days of “Disney” and “Ritz-like” service. The average healthcare consumer simply can’t afford that service. Why should systems bend over backward to deliver Ritz-Carlton levels of experiences with the masses who typically stay in a Super 8? The dawn of a new healthcare age is here in America that requires a new type of pragmatic, affordable healthcare advice from real executives who have been in the trenches. Intrigued? Give us a call 708.740.0242 or email us at info@mycleardirections.com for a free, 30-minute strategy session. We’d love to help your organization reach your business goals this year.