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Medical Practice Groups

Large physician groups are highly complex and can be very challenging to operate. However, given fine-tuned organizational structure, functional operating systems, strong communication, smart IT resources and good marketing, running a medical group can be a lucrative and rewarding business. Founder Denise Stillman has worked closely with physicians for nearly 20 years and understands the pressures on their time, financial resources and emotional bank accounts. Too many physician clients and friends of ours have said they’d rather not practice medicine anymore due to government tinkering in reimbursements, staff hiring challenges, paperwork headaches and more. We want to help our physician colleagues to get close to achieving the nirvana they dreamed of as a young med student. We work exclusively with medical practices with more than five practitioners that gross more than $5 million annually. If you’d like a free strategy session for your practice, give us a call 708.740.0242 or email us at info@mycleardirections.com for a free, 30-minute strategy session.